I have been with Terrapin since the legendary firing 35 years ago. They are not only a great supplier they are trusted friends. I can call them and get a box or the baseball stats and still find out how Sam Bush played at his last show. 

Ownership - Major American Food Supplier

Terrapin Station - Grateful Dead

The song that inspired our company's name and sorta gave us the courage to forge into the unknown all those years ago. 

​"Inspiration move me brightly."

If business ran that way we would be ok. I don't have the time to invest my effort in learning about why use Mullen or Poly-Coating. Thanks to Terrapin I can do what I do best and move products out my doors quickly and efficiently. They can worry about the dies and the labels and the coating and I can golf!

Owner / President- Automotive Manufacturing

At Terrapin we understand we are working with new items and marketing in development. We do not put your market share at risk. We don't post names or projects but we sure do love it when you give us a snippet to share. Thank you to everyone that has offered us a word of encouragement.

Terrapin Packaging took my idea and turned it into a product on the shelf. They worked with me from the cradle to the "point-of-sale display". I love the look of the packaging but even more importantly I started my company with my wife at the kitchen table. Terrapin took my idea and made it look great but easy to assemble and this was worth it's weight in gold as we started getting on our feet.  Rest assured we are going strong and growing.

CEO- Start-up in the Beverage Industry

Ever feel like you are headed for the waterfall without a paddle? I don't anymore. I could not have known where to begin and Terrapin took the project. I am now in Costco with my own plant. Thanks Terrapin. I hope the road is long and well traveled with you.  

Creator / Owner  - Food Supplies

Terrapin Packaging amazed us with same day service on an impossible job with demands we did not know how to meet. Thanks to Terrapin we did not have to reject the bid and we got a new customer. 

Operations Manager - Tech Manufacturing


Boxes and  Bluegrass! I was surprised and happy to know these are real people I love getting my boxes from them and sharing music.  

President and Kid at Heart -  Snack Producer

Inspiration move me brightly

Custom packaging + 35 YRS Experience  

With Terrapin I am done. I don't have to call the butcher the baker and the candle stick maker.

My dies are made, my labels are printed, my artwork is pristine, my assembly guys love the easier box build out. AND I get my deliveries like clockwork.

Owner - Construction Equipment Manufacturer