Popular Printing Options:


Direct Print


Glitter Finish Add sparkle to any design. Use with textured finishes or  engineered UV gloss coating for eye catching effects

Scent– Aroma can be a powerful additive to any design. Add a scented layer to stand out in a subtle and impressive way.

Matte – A water based coating that can be more eco-aware and a water soluable option when trying to keep processing to a minimum while still having an appealing marketing presence .

Glow  Finishes - A great way to add dimension and depth to your design

Texture Finishes  – Impressions, Metalic Texturing,  and Embossed effects. You can make your cotton dress more dynamic with the feeling of linen on your packaging.

 Touch –An effect that Apple made popular with the IPhone box. Adding texture can enhance user interaction on an almost subliminal level

Scratch-Off Get your audience involved by adding promos and points of interest to your packaging with scratch off advertising

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