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Inspiration move me brightly

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About the Founder:

The story of TERRAPIN PACKAGING  (So Far)

In October of 1981, I got fired on a Friday. It was an eye opening weekend, to say the least. Reality can either be an end of things or a prologue. In this instance it was both?  Terrapin started the following Monday.  35+ years later we are still growing.

Here is what we have learned along the way:


The “Dead” used to have a slogan in 1970’s, that they would hang above their stage. It was simple: “When We Work, You Play.”  Our business model substitutes the word “play” with “succeed”.  A simple maxim. We built upon 13 original accounts and found courage is rewarded. On the precipice of a personal leap of faith and independence, we asked the 13 “colonies” to trust us.  We have grown and continue to grow and thrive today well beyond our original 13 but with much thanks to them. 

Forging in we needed a business plan and perhaps the most important thing of all- what were we going to name this company? Who would we be I questioned as I was pulled out an album.  The record was Terrapin Station by The Grateful Dead. (Yes I am referencing that thing called vinyl. We have been fortunate to be in packaging for a long time.)  I can’t describe the feeling of what "Inspiration Move Me Brightly" meant.  Our business was a serious leap and I knew music helped inspire our courage to proceed.

At Terrapin, we strive to improve the environmental footprint as we design and create.  It is important to our process to move in healthy directions as a business helping businesses in a effort of progress and global conscientiousness. 

TERRAPIN is over 35 years old. Who’d a thunk that? But here we are.  We look forward will be updating this when we turn 50 and 100 years old.  

We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.


Terrapin Station - Grateful Dead
The song that inspired our company's name and "sorta" gave us the courage to forge into the unknown all those years ago

​"Inspiration move me brightly."